Brazil Florada Gourmet Whole Bean Coffee


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Brazil Florada Gourmet Whole Bean Coffee

Our Brazil Florada gourmet whole bean coffee is imported direct from Sul de Minas, Cerrado region in the south of Minas Gerais state, to Texas.  It is hand selected and roasted to perfection in small batches of 50 lbs at a time.  As a result, our Medium Roast creates the perfect balance between acidity and body.

Brazilian Florada beans are known for being a very smooth and soft coffee, not too rich or bitter, full-bodied, with low acidity.  They are grown at relatively low altitudes between 950 to 1200 meters and mature quickly to product a lighter – less dense bean.

The beans are dry-processed, where the coffee is laid out to sundry, or patio-dried, while they are still on the cherry. This imparts a rich dry fruit flavor onto the coffee bean, and adds to the body of the cup.

Flavor Notes

  • Tasters regularly describe it as soft with a full body. Great for making flavored coffee because of its softness in the cup.  Acidity levels are low, yielding a brew that doesn’t burn your throat or upset your stomach.
  • Nutty hints with traces of cashews and honey, molasses, and dark chocolate.
  • Aromas tend to be sweet.


Additional information


12 OZ, 2 LBS

Roast Profile

Medium Roast – Has the most balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity


100% Brazil Florada Coffee Beans


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