Colombian Supremo Gourmet Whole Bean Coffee


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Colombian Supremo Gourmet Whole Bean Coffee

Our Colombian Supremo gourmet whole bean coffee is imported direct from Cauca, Colombia to Texas.  It is hand selected and roasted to perfection in small batches of 50 lbs at a time.  As a result, our Medium Roast creates the perfect balance between acidity and body.

These extra large Arabica beans are known for their intense flavor, aroma, and full body.  Most importantly, Supremo grade represents the highest grade possible to give our customers a great cup of coffee.

While “Supremo” simply refers to a Colombian grading system and not a specific location – the best, most flavorful Colombian coffees come from a varied group of growing regions spread out along Colombia’s vast, mountainous countryside. With a warm climate and high elevations, coffee crops thrive year-round making Colombia the second largest coffee producing country in the world.

Flavor Notes

  • Tasters regularly describe it as mild and well-balanced with a medium, silky body and a clean-ness in the cup. Acidity levels are medium to high, yielding a bright and lively brew.
  • Floral hints, traces of tropical fruits, red berries or apples and a sweetness akin to chocolate, sugar cane or caramel.
  • Aromas tend towards citrus, grapefruit, and hints of spice.


Additional information


12 OZ, 2 LBS

Roast Profile

Medium Roast – Has the most balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity


100% Colombian Supremo Coffee Beans


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